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Metta Dub
September 25, 2016 06:05 PM PDT
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May all beings in all worlds be filled with loving kindness, May all beings in all worlds be welll, May all beings in all worlds be peacefull and at ease , May all beings in all worlds be happy .
ReVoluTioN Tribe gathering in Bristol Uk every Thursday night.
Tune in LiVe and catch he repeats Saturday afternoon at http://radio.rastafari.cz/

Return To earth!
February 28, 2016 04:01 AM PST
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Serious message about moving away from the plastic commerciial world where everything is for sale and reconnecting to nature and each other.
Selection starts in a JA roots style and progresses thru some dub poetry to some heavy dub steppers.
Full crew of LiVe Singers and Players in the studio.
Features Vocals from Lishka, 2 flutes from Ms Rumble and Martina, Melodica and vocals from Tina, Percussion from Jessie, and the return of Jay on Vocals and a special guest vocal and a bit of melodica from Professer Emerson. Selection and Mix from Mark. full crew on Percusssion and Vibes...
This is an edited version from an original 4 hour show broadcast at the end of January 2016 on http://radio.rastafari.cz/
Dub ReVoluTion Back LiVe on http://radio.rastafari.cz/
every Thursday Night from 8pm till late
and every Saturday from 12 midday thru to 8pm
Tune in and share some vibes

Roots Selection !
December 21, 2015 05:30 PM PST
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Published the night of the Winter SolsTice 3025. Some Vibes to get you tHru the longest night and celebrate the coming light..
Roots Reggae SelecTioN - Vocals and Dubs with liVe dub remiX sound system style.
Posted To mark the solstice this miX features KP (knowledge is Power) a bard of the Drudic Order sharing some Ancient wisdom and positive future afffirmatons and visualisations with Brother Tallith (aka Nomad ) chatting in Arabic, Hebrew and Spanish , and Sister TinA singing and jamming melodica .
Messages of PosiTiVe UniTy .
. This is a edit from a 4 hour ReVoluTionary Dub broadcast liVe NoVember15th 2015 on http://radio.rastafari.cz/ . Catch the show LiVe Every Thursday Night after 8pm and every saturday afternoon from Midday GMT on http://radio.rastafari.cz/.

Forward To ZioN!
June 20, 2015 07:26 AM PDT
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Classic Roots reggae vintage dub style selection from people like King Tubbys and Channel One taking us on a musical journey in the direction of Zion . Versioned by the Dub ReVoluTioN crew of Singers and Players..... Brother Bradley singing, with harmonies and vibes from Ania , Percussion and Rap Lishka , Sister Soul Rebel singing , and vibes , Craig R Ninja hosting and playing a little hang and the Yeti Boys from the mountains of Tibet with the Mc , flute and didge vibes. all mixed down in a raw dub fashion in Dub ReVoluTioN Studio in Bristol Uk by Mark on 24th May 2015. Part of a 4 hour show broadcast on Radio Rastafari . Cz . Tune in for the full show every Thursday night from 8pm Gmt, and catch the repeats every Saturday afternnon from 12 Midday right thru to 8pm on http://radio.rastafari.cz/

Conscious ReVoluTioN!
August 13, 2014 11:21 AM PDT
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Concious Dub ReVoluTioNary Style starts inna future dub style and chills out to a roots selection and features full Dub ReVoluTionary crew including Rainbo Ninjah on hang Drum and Vocals , Sister LiBerty singing, Sister Soul Rebel rapping, whistles and percussion from the Bug Poo crew, Vibes and acoustics from The Dancing Fool, and more percusssion from Meli, Mark dub on tha selection and miX using natural acoustics and feedback

This is an edited version of full 4 hour show broadcasted on Radio Rastafari.cz June 7th 2014 . Tune in to the liVe show every Thursday and Saturday night on http://radio.rastafari.cz/

ITAl STeW >>LiVe December-5th 2013 >> Dub ReVoluTion !
December 15, 2013 03:30 AM PST
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BeAming in from another dimension of dub channeling to earth messages of random creatiVe synchronicity to bring into focus and harmony with the natural order of creation . Instruments , Hang and Melodica and Whistles Drums , Improvised Noise Explosions from the ReVoluTionary Dub KiTchen and you dear listener who of course is Us WelcoMe. its good to be , here together we play and work to find solutions. CreaTiVe spark inspires each other , MiXed from Decks and Vinyl and Echo with 3 microphones connnnected in to KeV the PoEt, i-LODicA sound works, CrAig RainbOw NinJa PoeT , RebbecA D'Andre , Bug Poo , MiKe StanTon , Morris Dub , BaD BoY EmersoN on December 5th 2013 in BrisTol with a table full of Crystals and the room smoked up with the fumes from sacred herbs . We gathered and shared some vibes, this is an edited selection from the fulll 4 hour sesssion that was broadcast by RadioRasTafari.Cz liVe on that night. CatCh ourl shoW Dub ReVoluTioN ! liVe! every Thursday Night at
JuNgle -Cultural Warriors
Hand to the Wheel -Dub JuDah
Hand to the DUB =Alpha and Omega
Africa -Earl 16
Dub -Mannasha
The Book -WSP
Clean up Jah World -Tena Stelin
World atrocity Dub -Mafia and Fluxy
Mordant Bay Rebellion -version
Better World -Everton Chambers
Bun Dem Riddim-Dreadsquad
Heartfull Man -Imitri
Beauty -Dayjah
Iyaman say -Disciples