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Conscious ReVoluTioN!
August 13, 2014 11:21 AM PDT
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Concious Dub ReVoluTioNary Style starts inna future dub style and chills out to a roots selection and features full Dub ReVoluTionary crew including Rainbo Ninjah on hang Drum and Vocals , Sister LiBerty singing, Sister Soul Rebel rapping, whistles and percussion from the Bug Poo crew, Vibes and acoustics from The Dancing Fool, and more percusssion from Meli, Mark dub on tha selection and miX using natural acoustics and feedback

This is an edited version of full 4 hour show broadcasted on Radio June 7th 2014 . Tune in to the liVe show every Thursday and Saturday night on

LiVe Hang + LiBerTy + Faith - DuB ReVoluTioN ! Full MooN June 2014
June 30, 2014 11:53 AM PDT
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Full Moon and full power dreaming together the music flows and together we sing the words not coming from any plan but straight from our hearts we listen to each other and harmonise.
Rainbow Ninja on steel pan drum and vocals, SisTer rebel Soul chanting and percussion and whistles, Becky and Sophie on flutes and whistles and drums, LiBerty and Faith on Vocals ,with vibes from SisTer iEVA special guest apperances from'Bad Boy' Emerson and Jay and Brothers Joe and Rob pon riddim. SelecTioN and Mix from Mark.

LiVe in BerLiN on IrieLand Sound - Roots Corner
May 01, 2014 08:00 PM PDT
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LIVe in Berlin with old friend Diafaed randomly manifesting and playing percusssion, KeV PoeT and Mark Dub on the ReVolutionary rants with very special guest with the heartfull RasTa Vocals - sista Sherin , Lots of dubplate style selections running irieland sound system hot... Respect and thanks to Jah Glue and King david and the Mcs from Irie Land sound system for making us feel so welcome. Respect and loVe to Killamanjaro club where the roots corner session takes place eVery WeDnesDay night with resident sound IrieLand, Special Dedication to Ras Lion for vibes coordination One LoVe

ITAl STeW >>LiVe December-5th 2013 >> Dub ReVoluTion !
December 15, 2013 03:30 AM PST
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BeAming in from another dimension of dub channeling to earth messages of random creatiVe synchronicity to bring into focus and harmony with the natural order of creation . Instruments , Hang and Melodica and Whistles Drums , Improvised Noise Explosions from the ReVoluTionary Dub KiTchen and you dear listener who of course is Us WelcoMe. its good to be , here together we play and work to find solutions. CreaTiVe spark inspires each other , MiXed from Decks and Vinyl and Echo with 3 microphones connnnected in to KeV the PoEt, i-LODicA sound works, CrAig RainbOw NinJa PoeT , RebbecA D'Andre , Bug Poo , MiKe StanTon , Morris Dub , BaD BoY EmersoN on December 5th 2013 in BrisTol with a table full of Crystals and the room smoked up with the fumes from sacred herbs . We gathered and shared some vibes, this is an edited selection from the fulll 4 hour sesssion that was broadcast by RadioRasTafari.Cz liVe on that night. CatCh ourl shoW Dub ReVoluTioN ! liVe! every Thursday Night at
JuNgle -Cultural Warriors
Hand to the Wheel -Dub JuDah
Hand to the DUB =Alpha and Omega
Africa -Earl 16
Dub -Mannasha
The Book -WSP
Clean up Jah World -Tena Stelin
World atrocity Dub -Mafia and Fluxy
Mordant Bay Rebellion -version
Better World -Everton Chambers
Bun Dem Riddim-Dreadsquad
Heartfull Man -Imitri
Beauty -Dayjah
Iyaman say -Disciples

peAce MiX
February 07, 2011 08:22 AM PST
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peAce mix features modern roots reggae selection with full Dub revolution crew on the versions.
Flip Flop, Asize, Breeze and Rainbow Ninja on Vocals, Ilodica on vocals and melodica, Daniel Waples on Hang, Dot on Violin, Ella Mental on Accordian, Gale Force on SaX, Richy Baton on Trumpet and Fx. Raf on percussion, Mark on tha mix.

War Monger - Christine Miller
Back out - CandyMan
Stop the war- Singing Cologne
Bus down rome - Luciano
break down barriers - Levi Roots
Warning - Sandeeno
Prophecy- Fabian
Warmonger - Buffalo Bill
Rise -Nyah